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QR Code 🤳

Why QR codes?

If you want to make the PastaHR WhatsApp application accessible at physical events (trade fairs, career fairs etc.) or locations (office, stores, exhibition, vehicles, flyers, posters), then it is best to use a QR code.

Application via QR code

Applicants can start the WhatsApp application as follows:

Scan QR codes with smartphone camera
Open the link behind the QR code
Send the prescribed message in WhatsApp

How do I create a QR code?

Create PastaHR link according to 🔗 Use of PastaHR links & UTM links
Wichtig: We recommend the use of different QR codes for different occasions and locations. If you have any questions, PastaHR will be happy to help you.
Copy PastaHR link to clipboard
Copy PastaHR link into input field, disable statistics and editing

Click on Create QR code

Download QR code as PNG


Updated on: 17/04/2024

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