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Creating and using PastaHR links 🔗

What are the PastaHR links & UTM links?

The PastaHR links allow applicants to directly access specific job offers or all offers from a specific organization. Additionally, there are the UTM links that allow you to get valuable information about which source a click or visit came from. This helps PastaHR to understand how an applicant became aware of the respective offer and based on this, targeted evaluations can be created.

The following video gives a detailed overview of the use and benefits of PastaHR links & UTM links.

Link types (job vs. organization)

There are two types of links in PastaHR:

Job-specific PastaHR link:
YYYYXXXX must be replaced by the specific job
This link is used to give applicants access to a specific job.

Organization-specific PastaHR link:
YYYY must be replaced by the specific organization
This link is used to give applicants access to all jobs of the organization.

The organization-specific PastaHR link, on the other hand, always has the same structure.

URL Parameter

Remote Job ID (important if an ATS is connected)

Use: remote_job_id=1234

The remote_job_id is important so that a PastaHR application is added to the right place in the ATS.
The remote_job_id represents the job ID from the ATS and is either taken directly from the ATS if PastaHR is integrated with Prospective or can otherwise be defined manually.

Remote Job Name (important if an ATS is connected)

Use: remote_job_name=test-name

The remote_job_name decides what kind of name is used on the PastaHR forwarding page and in the WhatsApp application (2nd message).
The remote_job_name is either taken directly from the ATS if PastaHR is integrated with Prospective.
Otherwise, this parameter can be defined manually.

Important: the remote_job_name must be URL encoded, it is best to add the name on this page and then also press Encode and use this for the PastaHR URL.

Platform Parameter (New feature, will probably be released at the end of the year)

The 'platform' parameter decides whether the applicant is forwarded to the WhatsApp voice bot (platform='wa' or omit the parameter) or to the Instagram voice bot (platform='insta').

UTM parameter

UTM stands for "Urchin Tracking Parameters". The UTM parameters are small pieces of information that can be added to URLs that provide valuable information about the source of a visit or click.

This helps PastaHR to recognize how an advertiser became aware of the WhatsApp application. Based on the UTM parameters, PastaHR can provide targeted evaluations of where applications were accessed from.

👉 The more precise and consistent the PastaHR links are generated, the more insights PastaHR can offer.

*Mandatory fields

🛠️ If a new source is added to which there is no link yet, then a new link must be created.
👉 The best way to do this is to use this link generator:
Please test each link briefly to make sure it really works, it would be a shame if a link is played out and an applicant is then unable to apply.
If you have any questions, you can study the instructions above or contact us via Support - we will be happy to help you quickly!

In the “Jobs” overview you will find the links that need to be clicked to start the application for each job, these can simply be copied.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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