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Career page widget 🎛️

What is the widget for the career page?

The PastaHR widget allows you to easily add the WhatsApp application including the various open positions to your career page or website. The widget will appear at the bottom right of the page, visitors can click on it and links to the available WhatsApp applications will appear. To fit perfectly into the existing website design, the brand colors of your company can be defined and the logo can be added.

How can the widget be added to the careers page?

Request the script for the website at PastaHR.

Contact us directly via the support chat or by email, and we will create a new script for you.

The script looks like this. Where [ORGANIZATION_TOKEN] will be specific to your organization.


Create branding (optional)

We can take over this step for you and design the widget so that it fits exactly on the website.
However, if you have specific ideas, you can send us the following branding parameters:
Main color in HEX (for title and main text; e.g. #1e293b)
Secondary color in HEX (usually an accent; e.g. #f87171)
Third-ranking color in HEX (for subtitles; e.g. #94a3b8)
Link to the logo

Add widget to website

The widget can easily be added to a website by placing it at the bottom of the <body> of the pages where you should see the widget.

If you have no idea what this is, then send these instructions to the person responsible for the website. This person will know exactly how to do it.
👉 But if you need help, please contact us directly via the support chat or by email.

4 Publish

Once the script including ORGANIZATION_TOKEN has been added to the code, the website just needs to go live.

Desktop Ansicht

Mobile view

5 Information on cookie settings

The widget for the career page is cookie free and nothing needs to be changed in the cookie settings.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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