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Job Landing Page πŸ—’οΈ

What is a landing page and what is it used for?

With PastaHR you can easily create a landing page with all relevant application links to the corresponding internal jobs - and in your CI

πŸ“Ή Here is a short video on the best use of landing pages

Example use of landing pages for social media campaigns:

A social media campaign is started, here only one link can be posted, but many profiles are reached, thanks to the landing page the applicants can then choose which job they want to apply for - more specifically, the landing pages allow further information/divisions:

Location specific- Same application flow, but for different locations
Division-specific - e.g. social media campaign for multiple jobs within a division
End-to-end tracking:- UTM parameters can be stored so that you can see exactly which social media campaign applicants are coming from and which jobs they are applying for.

With the landing pages, your jobs can be linked to the correct application links - e.g. it is always the same application flows from PastaHR, but these are linked to different internal jobs (see ATS job ID below).

How do I create a landing page?

Current beta feature- please contact us to discuss this.

Once activated, the landing pages can be edited in the Landing page overview.
A landing page can be edited by clicking on it or by selecting the desired action on the 3 dots ("Edit", "Copy link", "Open page" or "Delete")

Edit details of the landing page:

Create a new landing page - click on "Erstellen"
Choose a name (this is only for your internal use, e.g. to recognize what this landing page is used for)
Select the relevant application flows to be displayed on the landing page.

"Speicher" β†’ Done the landing page is created in your CI

How can I edit the landing page?

These can be edited in the Landing page overview.
Click on a landing page to edit it further or select the desired action on the 3 dots ("Bearbeiten"-Edit, "Link kopieren"-Copy Link, "Seite ΓΆffnen"- Open page or "LΓΆschen"- Delete)

Edit details of the landing page:

* Display name: The display name of the application flow can be changed (e.g. if it differs from the internal name)
* Location: A location can be added
* ATS job ID: The remote job ID can be stored so that the right applications end up in the right place in the ATS (more on this here:
Create and use PastaHR links πŸ”—

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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