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This documentation explains the chat function of PastaHR and how it can be used to communicate directly with applicants. The chat can be used both before and after a person has applied and offers an effective way to answer questions, reach applicants more easily and make the application process more efficient.


Here you can find a short video that explains the chat functionality of PastaHR.

Message templates

There are certain restrictions on communication between companies and individuals via the WhatsApp Business API. In particular, companies can only reply "freely" within the first 24 hours after a person has sent a message to the company. I.e. send any text as a reply. As soon as this window is closed, so-called message templates, which are first approved by Meta, must be used. These templates can be accessed directly from the PastaHR inbox. As soon as a person has replied to this message template, a new 24-hour window is open again, during which they can communicate freely.

For the use of PastaHR, this means that if no reply is received within the first 24 hours after an application has been sent, a message template must be used.

These templates are set up by PastaHR. If an additional template is required, please contact PastaHR directly.

Interface to send a message with a template.

Activate and deactivate chat

Inactive chat

The chat is set up in such a way that the direct chat is not activated by default, but PastaHR expects an application to be started with the first message.

If a person does not send a start message with a correct PastaHR Flow ID (e.g. TEST0001), an automatic error message is sent in response. However, this error message indicates that you can activate the chat if you want to ask a question.

Active chat

While the direct chat is activated, people cannot apply. However, all messages that are sent end up in the PastaHR Inbox. As soon as an application is completed, the chat is automatically activated. Applicants and recruiters can then communicate directly with each other.

Enabled chat after completing an application

To deactivate the chat, click on the button with /endchat. The chat can also be activated or deactivated manually.

Manually activating and deactivating the chat

For candidates

The chat can be activated or deactivated manually by candidates sending the following messages:

To activate → /chat
To deactivate → /endchat

For recruiters

The chat can be activated or deactivated manually, this is important so that candidates can also write back. The chat is activated or deactivated manually by pressing the following buttons in the chat interface (top right) of PastaHR:

Press → Chatbot active to activate

To deactivate, press → Direct chat.

Chat archive

Archive chat

You can archive a chat by right-clicking on the chat and then clicking on Archive chat.

Show archive

The archive can be displayed as follows: Press on Filter and then on the toggle Show archive. If the toggle is filled in black, the archive is displayed.

Remove chat from archive

If a chat is in the archive, it can be removed by right-clicking on the chat and then pressing Unarchive.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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