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PastaHR allows you to integrate popular advertising tracking methods. We currently support the Facebook pixel. All you need to do is provide us with your 'Pixel ID' and the corresponding 'Access Key' and we'll do the rest. Below are details of the 'Events' we provide, including their context and the data provided for each 'Event'.


PageViewTriggered when an applicant lands on our website.Contains "standard Facebook Pixel event data"
RedirectPageIs triggered when the applicant arrives on the "redirect page".Contains "standard Facebook Pixel event data", linksClickedId.
ConversationStartIs triggered when the applicant starts the application via the chat.Contains linksClickedId, jobName.
ApplicationCompletedIs triggered when the application has been successfully completed.Contains linksClickedId, jobName.


What do I need to send to PastaHR to use the pixel?
You just need to send us your 'Pixel ID' and the corresponding 'Access Key' and we will take care of the rest.

What is meant by "redirect page"?
When an applicant clicks on a link for the chat application, one of two things happens: Either they are redirected to the "redirect page" with additional information, from where they are then redirected to the Messenger chat to start the application, or they skip this page and are redirected directly. In this case, the event is not triggered. Currently, the "redirect page" is used for all Instagram applications and WhatsApp applications via desktop.

What is meant by "standard Facebook Pixel event data"?
When the Facebook pixel sends an event, it automatically collects a basic amount of data, such as IP address and device used, which is used for user tracking. However, the exact details of the data collected are not explicitly stated by Facebook.

What is meant by "linksClickedId"?
Every user who lands on our website for an application is given a unique identifier known as a 'linksClickedId'. This ID allows us to track the user's journey through the application process and understand how far they have come.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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