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ATS Integration ⤵️

What does ATS integration mean?

ATS stands for 'Applicant Tracking System' or applicant management system.
PastaHR can be connected to your ATS so that applications and other information are saved directly in the ATS.

What data ends up in the ATS?

All applicant data is loaded into the ATS. In addition, we can also send a CV to the ATS.
There is also other data that can be transferred to the ATS if required.

How does the ATS integration work?

The integration between PastaHR and your ATS is usually very simple and takes just a few minutes.
It may be that for more complex systems (e.g. even if you have made many adjustments/configurations to an ATS) the integration is a little more effort.
Please contact us for further details.

Overview of supported applicant management systems

🧐 Is your system not on the list? Please contact us via e-mail or chat

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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